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We offer hauling and sometimes have special events at the barn please read on to find out more details.

Julianna and In the Spotlight steal the show!

Hauling is available. We currently have a large four horse slant trailer which can accomondate larger horses.
A hauling rate will be discussed and decided upon by barn owner and horse owner based on distance and difficulty of trip.
Please contact us for an estimate. If your horse needs to be hauled to an event please make prior arragments with us in advance of the event.


Special Events:
Beach Vacation:
Once a year the barn takes a vacation to the beach in Deleware. Horses and owners caravan to the beach, stay in a rented house and ride and swim in the ocean over a long weekend. Prices and availablity are given as the date gets closer.  This is a very special event, and everybody has a wonderful time! If you ever dreamed of riding on the beach or taking a vacation with your equine, this is your chance!
Fair Hill:
A few times a year the cart drivers who board at Nauvoo Stables plan a mini-holiday and go driving at Fair Hill. This is a tremendous learning expierence as well as a chance to get out and test your skills! One thing is for sure, everybody, horse and driver included has a wonderful time. Dates and prices are available when you contact us.

Moonlight Trail Ride or Cart Rides:

When the moon is full you can find all of us out on the trail after the sunsets! This is always a great time.


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