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Can you believe this guy is 25 and he is still going strong! Proof of the good care he gets!

Board is $350 per month, due at the first of the month.
  • Daily turnout unless prohibited by weather
  • Twice daily feeding of grain/sweet feed
  • Twice daily feeding of high quality hay
  • Extra hay will be given if horses are in for extended length of time due to weather.
  • Unlimited water (buckets cleaned daily)
  • Daily mucking of stall (sawdust bedding)
  • Bi-monthly worming (wormer is provided by owner, but performed by barn owner)
** We do not accept stallions at Nauvoo Stables.
We have two barns that offer a wide range of stall sizes. We offer cross ties and standing ties for grooming and tacking. A large tack room is available for your use for storage of your equipment. The tack room is locked when not in use. A lounge with refrigerator is available to boarders who wish to keep beverages cold. There are also drinks provided for sale.
There are two hoses located in a cement area, with ties for bathing your horse. There is warm and cold running water.
A blanket must be provided for horses during inclimate weather.
Geldings and mares are kept in two seperate large pastures. A saftey or leather halter and a lead rope must be provided by the owner for each horse. Horses are turned out daily unless weather prohibits turnout.
Horses are closely monitored for health and changes in attitude or coat. We strive to have healthy horses and will work with owners to prepare a plan that brings out the best in your horse.
Farrier and veterinary costs are the responsibility of the owner. We have farrier and vet references upon request. If you use our farrier and vet we will be glad to hold your horse for you.  If you wish to have your own vet or farrier you must make your own arrangements with them for an appointment.



We have two large outdoor rings for boarders use and two small paddocks that can be used for longing or roundpen work.
The large rings can be used for jump courses or practice driving or dressage tests.

All minors MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times at the barn. At Nauvoo we do not tolerate unacceptable behavior of minor children.
We also do NOT provide a babysitting service, so please make prior arrangements to have all minors accompanied at all times.

Nauvoo Stables . 977 Lewisberry Road . Lewisberry . PA . 17339
717- 938-3290